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Cost Savings: Cost-savings are achieved through the use of in-company facilities. As a result, cost per participant is significantly reduced when compared to public training. Additionally, employees are not required to travel any further than their offices and incur additional traveling costs.

Convenient & Safe Environment: Training schedule is tailored to the convenience of the organization and delivered in an optimum environment for the confidential exploration and discussion of sensitive organizational specific issues.

Customized Training: Conducting a course for a single organization allows for a focused training programme that achieves the desired learning objectives to addresses specific business needs. We work closely with our clients to develop precise training solutions, where key work principles can be incorporated into training sessions and the organization’s vision and mission explored and highlighted as appropriate.

Team Building: in-house training provides an opportunity for employees from various departments within the organization to interact and engage with each other, perhaps for the first time. This helps to foster and develop cohesive teams.

Capacity Building & Standardized Operations: Training inculcates capacity building activities designed to improve and enhance employees’ skills set. Customized training ensures your team is provided with quality-driven and standardized knowledge to achieve and promote a common understanding of the subject matter.




Three (3) Day Fundamentals of Negotiation

Designed with the purpose of developing and improving basic day-to-day negotiation skills and will provide participants with a fundamental understanding of the negotiation process and explore various approaches

Two (2) Day Power Negotiations

This workshop provides more in-depth knowledge into negotiating and includes conflict theory, conflict management and conflict resolution. It is designed particularly for the experienced Negotiator


Three (3) Day Workplace Mediation Skills

Designed with the purpose of developing day-to-day mediation skills to effectively resolve conflicts in the workplace and is particularly useful to organizations and institutions

Two (2) Day Successfully Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Constructed to provide participants with the skills, techniques and strategies to professionally and confidently manage difficult people including co-workers, clients, customers, managers or team members. At the end of the session, they will also have the ability to empower management and staff to utilize positive and constructive ways of managing conflict.

40 Hour (5 Day) Basic Mediation Skills

This training is the 1st step towards becoming an effective Mediator or third neutral party intervener. This workshop provides knowledge into conflict theory, conflict management and the art of questioning. Participants will also gain insight into conducting the negotiation phase, managing different personalities and expectations while empowering disputing parties to create their own resolutions.

This course is accredited by the Mediation Board and is the first stage in attaining official Certification as a Mediator by the Board

Two (2) Day Practical Mediation Skills

Practical Mediation is the 2nd requirement for certification by the Mediation Board. This two (2) day programme will afford persons who have fundamental knowledge and/or experience in mediation, an opportunity to further hone and develop their mediation skills in a safe, constructive and encouraging setting.



One (1) Day Difficult People, Difficult Conversations

Participants will learn how to recognize and manage diverse behavioural styles, explore explicit difficult behaviours and their triggers as well as understand the ways in which our own responses can compel conflict behaviour. They will learn the actual verbal, emotional and physical interpersonal skills needed to turn conflict into cooperation, and successfully deal with the most challenging types of people and situations.

Two (2) Day Emotional Intelligence (EI)

EI is described as the ability or to identify, evaluate or manage one’s emotions and is founded on cognitive theory. Organizations realize that people are assessed not only by their technical ability but by their ability to deal with others (social competence) and to manage their own emotional reactions to work situations (personal competence). Correspondingly, high EI is associated with greater job satisfaction and job performance. This comprehensive training will help participants to ascertain their emotional intelligence (EQ) score, strengths, and weakness; teach them to manage their emotions by recognizing warning signs and triggers and influence other people’s emotions to create a more positive work environment with low conflict and high productivity.

One (1) Day Toxic People, Toxic Workplace

Toxic employees create a negative and unhealthy working environment that generates an imbalance in the team.  Employees experience more conflict among each other, less cohesion and trust, which decreases the ability to solve problems and affects overall team performance. This workshop will help participants to conduct a brief workplace reality audit, toxic people to avoid in the workplace and learn techniques to deal with the toxic people at work

Interactive Two (2) Day Team Building Intervention

Participants will to gain insight into how their management team currently functions, the hurdles they encounter and ways in which they can individually and collectively overcome these dysfunctions. Learning will take place through interactive group activities that emphasize communication, cooperation, collaboration and compromise.


Contract Administration, Interpretation & Dispute Resolution

This 2-day training session will provide an Overview of FIDIC Contracts; guide participants on how to decide which FIDIC Contract is appropriate for their projects; explore key concepts of the contract; successful contract drafting and the contractor’s claims and dispute resolution methods.

Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) (Public & In-House)

In construction, the scope for uncertainty and subsequent risk of conflict such as Ambiguities in contract documents, design changes & delays may all give rise to conflict. One effective solution is establishing a Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB). This interactive training course will provide a comprehensive guide to best practices and procedures related to Dispute Boards engage in in-depth analyses of case studies with a view of establishing and working with Dispute Boards and examining the Contractual Basis governing the operation.


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